When Should I Seek Pre-Settlement Funding?

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Getting Pre-Settlement Funding During the Legal Process

For someone injured in an accident, waiting for a settlement can be excruciating. You may be unable to work or may need help paying for the care and treatment you need. Fortunately, in most states, there is an option for injured parties to seek pre-settlement legal funding. Pre-settlement legal funding can help you lessen the financial burden created by an unexpected accident.

At Triumph Legal Funding, we help bridge the gap between the initial accident and a settlement or verdict. We help attorneys and injury victims secure the funding they need while they wait for a case to resolve. If you have a pending lawsuit but need money now, contact our office at (973) 362-3500 to apply for funding

When Should I Apply for Pre-Settlement Legal Funding?

Pre-settlement legal funding is not a loan, it is a lawsuit advance, meaning that you pay nothing out of pocket. If your case is successful, the money is repaid through an agreed-upon portion of the recovery. It is generally referred to as risk-free or non-recourse funding because the borrower is not responsible for paying the money back if they do not win their case.

Today, cases are taking longer and longer to resolve. Courts are backlogged and the litigation process is more complicated. Unfortunately, this means that injury victims have to wait longer to receive a settlement or verdict. If you cannot afford to wait, pre-settlement legal funding may be the right option for you. It is best to apply for funding as soon as possible to prevent financial challenges.

Who Should Take Advantage of Pre-Settlement Funding?

Many injury victims who have a pending case and have retained an attorney are eligible for pre-settlement legal funding. Individuals who should take advantage of the lawsuit advance are those that cannot afford to wait for their case to resolve. 

Do I Need an Attorney?

In order to qualify for pre-settlement legal funding, you need to have a retained attorney. It is a good idea to speak with your attorney about your decision to seek an advance. After applying for funding with Triumph Legal Funding, we will contact your attorney for the additional case information we need to determine whether you qualify. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive Funding?

Once you are approved and both you and your attorney sign off, funding can be completed within hours. The process is quick and easy. Our goal is to help injured parties and their attorneys be able to withstand the extensive costs associated with litigation. 

Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding Now

If you have a pending case but cannot afford to wait for a settlement, contact our office today. Call (973) 362-3500 or apply now online

At Triumph Legal Funding, we want to make legal funding easy. Our simple, straightforward, three-step process will help get you the money you need when you need it most. Do not settle your case for less than it is worth because you cannot afford to wait. Call now to see how we can help.