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Financial Assistance for Maritime Accident Cases

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When someone is injured in a maritime accident, he or she may be unable to work or pay medical bills. Triumph Legal Funding can help provide the financial assistance attorneys, and their clients need to withstand prolonged negotiations and litigation. The true extent of a person’s injuries may not be apparent immediately after an accident. 

Insurance companies will often try to get an accident victim to settle for significantly less than their case is worth knowing that they cannot afford to wait for a larger settlement. Early offers rarely take into account the full extent of a person’s injuries or medical treatments. Pre-settlement legal funding helps to alleviate the financial hardship created by waiting for a lawsuit to settle. 

If you or your client needs financial assistance while you wait for the outcome of your case, contact Triumph today at (973) 362-3500 to get funding without a loan.

Maritime Accident Statistics

According to the United States Coast Guard, in the past year, there were over 4,000 accidents involving recreational vessels. These accidents alone resulted in 613 deaths and 2,559 injuries. Maritime accidents happen from coast to coast and involve more than just recreational vessels. 

Other common offshore and marine accidents include:

  • Crane accidents
  • Offshore explosions
  • Tugboat and cargo ship collisions
  • Commercial boat crashes
  • Cruise ship accidents

Several of the most recent maritime accidents reported to the National Transportation Safety Board involve collisions between two vessels, or contact with a bridge. These types of accidents often result in serious injury and must be litigated to hold the negligent party or parties accountable. 

No matter what type of maritime accident you are involved in, our experienced funding specialists can help. We provide the money you need now so that your attorney can negotiate for the settlement you deserve.

Step 1: Contact

Contact our team by calling us at the number (973) 362-3500 or by filling out an online application form.

Step 2: Review

After we have received your application, we will review your application. If we need further details about your case we will reach out to you or your attorney as needed.

Step 3: Approval

Once we complete our intake and review, we will provide you and your attorney with a contract to review.  Once you and your attorney sign off we can release funds.

Why Choose Triumph?

Maritime accidents can be catastrophic, if not fatal. A slip and fall on a boat can result in traumatic brain injury. An offshore explosion can result in third-degree burns requiring years of reconstructive surgery. The impact of a maritime accident can last a lifetime. If you are an injured victim, the last thing you want to do is worry about money. You want to get justice and the maximum compensation available in your case. 

Triumph can help accident victims, and their attorneys get the funding they need to fully litigate a case. We want to help fund your way to victory by getting you the money you need now. 

Some of the benefits of working with Triumph include:

  • Funds are available within hours of approval
  • Experienced funding specialists 
  • Quick, easy application process
  • No fees unless you win
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • All fees are paid through a portion of the recovery

At Triumph, we provide pre-settlement legal funding; we do not offer high-interest loans. Unlike a traditional loan, with Triumph, you pay nothing if your case is not successful. We only get paid if you win. All fees are based on an agreed-upon portion of the recovery or settlement you receive.

Find Out How We Can Help

We provide legal funding for both attorneys and accident victims, ensuring that every valid claim sees their day in court. If you or your client needs cash before your maritime accident settles, contact Triumph today at (973) 362-3500


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