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Attorney Funding

Our mission is to partner with attorneys by alleviating their client’s financial stress as a result of a loss. This allows their attorney to stay focused on matters of law.

Pre-Settlement Funding for Attorneys


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At Triumph Legal Funding, we know that plaintiff litigation can be an expensive and daunting process. In many cases, you and your client are up against insurance companies with endless resources and access to capital to fund years of litigation. Too often, accident and injury victims who need fast cash end up accepting settlements for significantly less than their case is worth.

How Triumph Can Help

We want to help give your clients a fighting chance by providing pre-settlement legal funding so that you can effectively litigate their case. By easing their financial worries, you won’t have to be worried about them accepting the first offer they receive simply because they need money. 

We will work directly with you to provide no-risk, transparent funding to your client. This is not a loan. There are no fees and no recourse if the case is unsuccessful. Our fees are paid out of the recovery. Get your clients the cash they need so that you can do what you do best. 

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Legal Funding Made Easy

At Triumph, we work with law firms around the nation to provide pre-settlement legal funding for several different types of cases:

When your client needs money fast, we can help. Funds can be available within 24 hours of approval. Quick access to cash, can help ease the pressure to settle a case quickly for less money than it is worth.


With a traditional or personal loan, the funding decision is usually based on a credit check, income verification, and other factors like your income to debt ratio. Legal funding, on the other hand, is based solely on the probability that your case will have a successful outcome. 

Benefits of legal funding include:

  • No credit checks
  • No income verification
  • No hidden fees or penalties

Unlike a traditional loan, legal funding is a cash advance on the settlement of your case. It is flexible financing that enables you to cover all court costs as well as medical bills, living expenses, and more while you wait for your case to close.

Insurance companies know that most people cannot wait months for a claim to settle or years for a verdict, so they will often entice victims with low-ball offers. Pre-settlement legal funding helps you negotiate a better settlement or take the case to trial to get the best possible outcome for your client.

Why Choose Triumph Legal Funding

At Triumph, we are dedicated to helping you and your client achieve victory against a wrongful party. By providing access to capital for your client, we buy you time to focus on getting the most compensation available in their case.

This is not a lawsuit loan, where your client ends up paying high fees and hidden penalties. Our funding specialists provide a cash advance based on your client’s likely recovery and their financial needs.

Our goal is to relieve the pressure that most accident victims feel to settle when they are out of work or have medical bills piling up. We know that too many cases settle for far less than they are worth because accident and injury cases can take months, even years to litigate fully. Our risk-free lending makes it easier for you to advocate for your client, giving them the best shot at a substantial recovery.