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Specialty Surgery Funding

Specialty Surgery Funding

Injured in an accident? Get the money you need for surgery today!

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, you may need surgery. Unfortunately, many people are unable to pay out-of-pocket for specialty surgery. Often accident victims will forego crucial surgery simply because it is too expensive, waiting in agony for their case to settle. 

Triumph Legal Funding offers financial assistance for specialty surgery, giving everybody access to the medical treatment they need without having to pay anything upfront. Specialty surgery funding is risk-free, fast, and without recourse. All fees are paid through an agreed-upon portion of your recovery or settlement.

At Triumph, we are dedicated to providing honest, transparent lawsuit funding. All terms and conditions of funding must be agreed to by you and your attorney. You can get funding in as little as 24 hours. Get help when you need it most—contact Triumph to get specialty surgery funding today.

Types of Specialty Surgery We Fund

We offer funding for several kinds of specialty surgeries, including:

  • Cervical/Lumbar: spine surgery
  • Knee/Ankle/Shoulder/Wrists: Arthroscopic surgery, ORIF Surgery
  • Pain Management: ESI, RFA, Nerve Block

Injured Party Benefits

This program is intended to give injury victims access to the surgery they require when no financing or coverage option is available. The benefit to the injured party is clear:  they are able to obtain recommended medical care, deemed necessary to improve their quality of life without any initial out of pocket expense (co-pays or deductibles). 

Step 1: Contact

Contact our team by calling us at the number (973) 362-3500 or by filling out an online application form.

Step 2: Review

After we have received your application, we will review your application. If we need further details about your case we will reach out to you or your attorney as needed.

Step 3: Approval

Once we complete our intake and review, we will provide you and your attorney with a contract to review.  Once you and your attorney sign off we can release funds.

Attorney Benefits

Attorneys that aid their clients in getting the funding have provided them with an option for surgery. Having timely surgery can lead to faster recovery times and relieve the client’s stress. This will allow their clients to move on with their life accordingly. In addition, surgery funding is a non-recourse funding option in which their client only pays back if their case settles. Simply put, if the client loses the lawsuit, they owe nothing.

Surgeon/Facility Benefits

The surgeon or facility providing the needed care for the patient is paid upfront, meaning that they no longer need to wait for their payment or compromise a patient’s recovery because of a pending lawsuit settlement. Letter of protections (LOPs) will no longer be needed. 

With specialty surgery funding, LOPs will be significantly reduced, and cash flow restraints will be a thing of the past. This capital infusion will allow surgeons and medical facilities to reinvest into their practice or pursue other investment opportunities. An added benefit is that there is no need to file health insurance claims or file with no-fault providers.

How Does Specialty Surgery Funding Work?

  • An injured party (patient) has filed a valid claim for recovery. An attorney must represent the injury victim.
  • A surgeon or medical facility provides Triumph Legal Funding with a cash estimate that is reasonable, usual, and customary for the procedure being performed.
  • Triumph underwriters will then review the case to determine if it fits within our funding guidelines.
  • Once approved, the injured party will receive a contract initiating the agreement for Triumph Legal Funding LLC to pay the surgeon or facility directly for their services.
  • Checks are sent directly to the surgeon or facility before surgery. There are no hidden fees to the surgeon, injured party, or law firm. 

Contact Triumph Legal Funding Today

If you need medical treatment after an accident and have a pending lawsuit, Triumph Legal Funding can help. We provide specialty surgery funding for injury victims and their attorneys. Settlements in personal injury cases can take months.

An accident victim should not have to wait months for recovery to get needed medical care. Specialty surgery funding helps to bridge the gap between accident and recovery, giving you access to the surgery you need for a better quality of life. 

Do not wait in pain for your case to settle; get the money you need today. Contact Triumph Legal Funding at (973) 362-3500 to get specialty surgery funding without a loan.


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