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At Triumph Legal Funding, we help attorneys cover the litigation costs as they pursue the best possible outcome for their clients.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Quick & Easy Legal Funding for Attorneys & Injury Victims Nationwide

Lack of cash flow is a significant problem for many injury attorneys and accident victims throughout the country. Without adequate funding, you may not be able to support your litigation or living expenses while you wait for your case to resolve.

At Triumph Legal Funding, we help attorneys and injury victims get the pre-settlement funding they need to get the recovery they deserve.

Don’t Settle for Less!

Too often, accident and injury victims are unable to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent party because they simply cannot afford to wait out litigation. You and your client should never have to settle for less than your case is worth.

Injury victims may be unable to work after an accident. Unscrupulous insurance companies will quickly take advantage by trying to get injured parties to settle for less than their case is worth, especially if the company believes they can’t afford to go to trial.

Legal Funding Done Right

Our pre-settlement legal funding is not a loan. At Triumph, we provide funding for attorneys and for injury victims to help cover your expenses while you await a settlement after an accident.  Our funding can help pay for medical costs and other out-of-pocket expenses.

You never have to pay back the money we provide for your case. Our company receives an agreed-upon portion of your recovery, meaning we only get paid if you win.

In many cases, accident victims can receive money within 24 hours, allowing attorneys to fight hard to get the maximum compensation on the matter without creating a hardship on the victim.

Our Simple Process


We are proud to provide legal funding to both law firms and the plaintiffs they represent. Access to cash has proven critical to ensuring that all qualified claims see their day in court. Legal funding helps to level the playing field by giving accident victims and their lawyers the capital they need to withstand lengthy litigation.

Step 1: Contact

Contact our team by calling us at (973) 362-3500 or by filling out an online application form.

Step 3: Approval

Once we complete our intake and review, we will provide you and your attorney with a contract to review.  Once you and your attorney sign off we can release funds.

Step 2: Review

After we have received your application, we will review your application. If we need further details about your case we will reach out to you or your attorney as needed.

Step 3: Approval

Once we complete our intake and review, we will provide you and your attorney with a contract to review.  Once you and your attorney sign off we can release funds.

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Our process is easy. In as little as 24 hours, you can receive money in your account. Once you contact our office, a personal funding specialist will walk you through the application process. There are no hidden fees, no obligations, and no penalties. Unlike a lawsuit loan, you are not responsible for paying anything unless your attorney wins the case; our fees are paid directly out of your recovery. With a lawsuit loan, you must pay back the money you borrow regardless of whether your case is won or lost.


“Helped me get cash advance to save me from loosing my house.”

-Quincy L, TX

“It has helped me a lot in these hard times with my family and I going on these days.”

-Serafin T, Texas

“You did a really good job at answering all of my questions in a timely fashion.”

-Florence P.

Fund Your Way to Victory

At Triumph Legal Funding, there are no fees until you win. You will never have to pay back the money that is provided for your case unless you recover in a settlement or jury verdict. We want to make the process as easy as possible for both attorneys and the injured party.

Our pre-settlement funding can help you take cases to trial that otherwise might not have had a chance. Too often, plaintiffs in need of fast cash accept offers that are significantly lower than what their case is worth. Triumph can help fund your way to victory by allowing you to advocate for your clients and help get them the money they need.

Learn How Triumph Can Help Today

If you or your client suffered serious injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, we can help you get the pre-settlement funding you need to fully litigate the case. An accident victim should never have to worry about their future or their finances. Legal funding doesn’t have to be hard.

Triumph has made it an easy process without recourse so that everyone can get the settlement they deserve. Contact Triumph Legal Funding today at (973) 362-3500 to get started.