How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take?

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What to Expect if you File a Personal Injury Lawsuit 

While attorneys work hard to settle claims quickly for the maximum compensation allowed by law, it can still take months or even years to receive money after an accident. When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you may not be able to afford to wait. 

While all courts are different, the average length of time for a personal injury case to settle is one to two years. Depending on the case, some plaintiffs may receive compensation in as little as a few months, but most people simply cannot afford to wait for months or years to receive recovery for their injuries.

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How Pre-settlement Legal Funding Can Help

The playing field in personal injury litigation has always been in the advantage of the defendant. Plaintiffs are usually up against large corporations or insurance companies with endless resources, unrestricted access to capital, and unlimited time to litigate cases. Insurance companies know this and will often try to get plaintiffs to settle their claims quickly for less than they are worth. 

Pre-settlement legal funding bridges the gap between accident and settlement, allowing attorneys to fully litigate personal injury cases. By providing plaintiffs access to capital, the playing field stops tilting in favor of defendants and helps attorneys achieve justice for their clients.

Legal funding is not a lawsuit loan. There are no hidden fees and clients pay nothing if they do not recover through a verdict or settlement.

Why Personal Injury Cases Take So Long to Settle

Many people wonder why even simple accident and injury cases can take months to settle. Most personal injury cases are far from straight-forward. They may involve multiple parties and usually require a thorough, independent investigation of the facts. 

In order to get the maximum compensation for their clients, attorneys may have to subpoena evidence or take depositions, hire experts, and negotiate with insurance representatives. Add to this a slow, overloaded court system, and you have a lengthy wait for cases to reach trial or settle favorably.

It is important to note that every case is different. Personal injury cases can settle quickly for a fair and just amount. It is essential to discuss your case with an experienced attorney before accepting any settlement offers.

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