Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funding for Police Brutality Cases?

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How Long Will My Case Take to Settle?

Police brutality cases have reached the forefront of the news in recent years. Many incidents have raised awareness of violent acts committed by police officers, leading many more victims to exercise their rights. Victims of police brutality have a right to file lawsuits and request compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Police brutality cases often take years to settle, because many law enforcement agencies drag out the process, not wanting to admit fault or agree to a settlement. That scenario may be unacceptable to victims who may have suffered publicly at the hands of police. We at Triumph Legal Funding know that waiting a long time for your case is more than frustrating. Contact our office at 973-362-3500 to get the money you need to get your life back on track.

What Classifies as Police Brutality?

Police brutality occurs when an officer mistreats a civilian using the force and protection of their position as a police officer. Although the more publicized cases frequently include violence or lethal force, other, less physical actions also categorize as police brutality.

Examples include:

  • Intimidation
  • Verbal abuse
  • Racial comments and pejoratives
  • Threats and harassment
  • False arrest
  • Assault and battery
  • Rape 
  • Murder and attempted murder

Any action taken by police that harms a civilian physically or emotionally, whether intentional or unintentional, can qualify as police brutality.

How Long Do These Cases Take?

There is no average time for police brutality cases to resolve. However, police departments across the country are notorious for delaying, canceling, or rescheduling hearings. These tactics can result in years passing before victims receive just compensation. Police misconduct cases are also more complex than typical injury cases, as officers can be charged in official and personal capacities, as well as their supervisors,  agencies, and even local governments.

Police Brutality Settlements are Substantial

The value of your claim is tied directly to the severity of the incident and the damage it caused. Victims suffer physical and psychological consequences and sometimes death, resulting in a wide range of settlement values and precedents. Most claims settle for $30,000 to $6 million.  Some have settled for much more, as the family of George Floyd received $27 million, while Samuel Kolb, a California man shot by police while going through an epileptic episode, received $10 million.

How Can I Sue the Police?

Police brutality is a violation of your civil rights. Victims of police brutality and their families should document everything. Note the officers’ names, badge numbers, ranks, and other identifying information. Obtain names and contact information for witnesses. Document the time and location of the incident, and be sure to take photos and seek prompt medical attention.

Plaintiffs can file civil rights claims seeking compensatory damages, punitive damages, injunctive, and declaratory relief. In some cases, plaintiffs can seek an injunction to prevent future misconduct. A lawsuit may even lead to criminal charges against the police officers involved.

Get the Funding You Need Now

When you experience law enforcement abuse, you may sustain injuries that leave you unable to work temporarily or even permanently. Your out-of-pocket medical expenses may be extraordinary, and you still have daily living expenses to pay while you wait months or years for your settlement.

Triumph Legal Funding understands how frustrating this situation can be. We offer no-risk pre-settlement legal funding to help ease your life during this uncertain time. Our funding is not a loan but a way to ensure that attorneys and victims have the money they need now to get the settlement they deserve. Contact our office at 973-362-3500 or complete the online form to learn how to get pre-settlement legal funding.